Sales Brief: Gold star

Sales Brief: Gold star

Was anyone else motivated by the gold stickers you’d get from your elementary teacher after a job well done?

If only we could replicate that feeling in the workplace... Turns out, we can. And it actually works REALLY well for onboarding new sales reps.

I’m not exactly talking gold stickers at work here — there are a ton of unconventional ways to make onboarding satisfying, effective, and inspiring for new hires. And believe me, it’s more important than you think: Glassdoor found that a great onboarding process can increase employee retention by 82%. Insane.

This week, I wrote about several ways you can shake up your onboarding process for the better. Give it a read and thank me later!

Go get’em!

Training games: A new strategy for growing stronger sales teams

Keeping new sales reps engaged in the onboarding process is crucial for the success of your company. According to Sapling HR, only 12% of employees feel satisfied with their onboarding experience. Exploring and experimenting with new methods can increase employee retention and keep workers engaged and motivated in their work.

In this post, we discuss experimenting with non-traditional training methods. Want to build a stronger sales team? You might need some gamification. These sales training games can help boost results and skills of your reps in a fun way.


Top 15 sales coaching platforms to develop a high-performing team

As a sales manager, you are in charge of the skills, abilities, and satisfaction of your reps. It’s your job to empower them to perform better and close more deals, working alongside them to build skills and pinpoint specific areas of improvement.

But what exactly does it take to coach effectively? And how do you find the right platform to coach your team? In this post, we explore a variety of strategies, coaching platforms, and software tools that'll take your sales coaching to the next level.


Sales Reps: Want to increase your earning potential? Look for a new job

Outside of just crushing your quota, the most common way for you to increase your earning potential is by looking for a new sales job. The problem is that most sales reps don't know how to job hunt properly. They know how to sell, but they don't know how to sell themselves.

Job hunting and sales involve very similar concepts. To stand out, and to increase your potential earnings, you must approach them the same way. Here's how to do it.


The definitive guide to video prospecting

Like everything in the digital world, traditional prospecting is undergoing a big transformation. The types of messages you send can have a big effect on your outreach results. And there's one type of messaging that's on the rise in 2021: video.

But video outreach isn't as simple as picking up your iPhone and tapping that record button. In this article, CXL dives into all the steps required in order to ensure your journey into video prospecting is a massive success.


5 Truths of building a product launch strategy

According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, over 30,000 new products are introduced every year, and 95 percent of them fail. Aligning your company on your product launch strategy will help ensure your company makes it to the 5 percent.

A lot of companies get hung up on product launches. Launch Day has to be perfect. Or does it? What does it really mean to have a successful product launch? Here are five truths you can learn to set your product up for success on launch day and beyond.


Why every founder should take on the role of Sales Development Rep (SDR) at least once

Incoming leads are too expensive. Account Executives are complaining. The marketing department is blaming problems on the lack of budget. Something isn't working.

As a founder, you can’t create a solid playbook for lead generation if you didn’t master the process yourself. Bringing theory from books into practice is a start, but you can’t generalize where markets, persona’s, and products are completely different. It requires real-world experience.

This article makes the case for why every founder should immerse themselves in an SDR role.