Sales Brief: In the lab

Sales Brief: In the lab

Waiting for a response from a high-level influencer or CEO can be frustrating. When you hear nothing, it’s easy to throw up your hands and give up.  

Enter the BASHO email. This hyper-targeted email will change the way you reach out and make it much harder for your prospect to ignore you.

This week, I talked all about BASHO emails– what they are and how to get them to work for you. Don’t be satisfied with letting the line go dead.

Go get'em!

How to write a BASHO email that gets a response

Ever wonder just how a marketer or sales rep gets in touch with someone that seems… unreachable? I’m pulling back the curtain to make the impossible possible.


Email tactics for customer onboarding

Signing up means nothing for your product. Successful customer onboarding involves intention and strategy, and upping your email game will help you put your best foot forward.


When prospecting, first impressions really matter. Here's how to make a great one.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The strength of your introduction can determine the rest of the conversation, so it’s important to get it right, whether it’s via email, voicemail, or face-to-face.


Counting the cost of lost opportunities

Lost opportunities mean lost time. Failed deals can be costly– both for you, and for your customer– and with the innate variability in professional sales, it’s important to weigh the cost.


How to enhance experimentation with user segmentation

Experimenting with A/B testing and workflow changes can help you identify issues with conversion. But to get accurate data, you have to ensure that your segmentation is on-point.


17 things we’ve learned from top product marketers

Strategic product marketing is critical in today’s market– but to many, the role is confusing and ill-defined. Here, learn how it adds value to your company and syncs with the rest of your team.