Sales Brief: Marketing is sales?

Sales Brief: Marketing is sales?

Number #1 rule for remote sales teams?

If you’ve been following my sales advice for a while, you’ll know the answer...


In my latest post, I share some specific examples on how to over-communicate the right way as a sales team. (Hint: It’s not about spending half your workday in #watercooler slack!)

Go get’em!

Why over-communication is key for managing a remote team

As companies shift to remote work for the long term, managers are finding themselves feeling a bit disconnected from their sales team. You just can't replicate those in-office, day-to-day updates and quick check-ins while working remotely.

So how exactly do you maintain healthy communication in a remote setting? In this article, we examine over-communication. Over-communicating holds everyone accountable for sharing updates instead of placing the onus on the sales rep seeking information. When paired with a remote setup, it's shockingly effective.


How to search Google for email addresses that generate leads

What happens when you need to find an email address but don't have access to an email finder tool? Never fear, there are alternatives! With Google at your disposal and a few clever tricks, you can unearth just about anyone's email.

In this article, we’ll walk you through several email search strategies, plus a probable success rate for each.


5 things to look for when hiring salespeople

Whether you need to hire dozens of sales reps in the next few months or you’re a scrappy startup and need your first three sales hires, building a business will nearly always involve hiring for sales. And obviously you want to find the very best candidates.

In order to be as proficient as possible in your hiring process, you need to have a structured framework to follow. Here are five things you should look for when hiring sales talent.


Cracking the product demo code: Lessons from 78 SaaS demos

Product demos are hard. Many marketers and sales teams simply fall short in creating demos that convert. Constructing a great product demo takes self-reflection on what you offer to the market, who your ideal customer is, what your ideal customer wants, and how you can communicate that.

How do some of the most successful SaaS companies approach their demos? In this article, CXL reveals some of the most important components of running a successful demo and what to consider when creating your own.


Marketing is now Sales, so get used to it, marketers

According to Gartner, 57% of the buying journey is done before a sales representative is involved. More and more of the sales process is happening well before a prospect ever gets in contact with Sales.

The cold hard truth: Marketing is now sales. Marketers are now tasked with building meaningful relationships with their customers way before they're ready to buy. The question is, are we ready for this new dynamic between sales and marketing?


5 Truths of building a product launch strategy

According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, over 30,000 new products are introduced every year, and 95 percent of them fail. Aligning your company on your product launch strategy will help ensure your company makes it to the 5 percent.

A lot of companies get hung up on product launches. Launch Day has to be perfect. Or does it? What does it really mean to have a successful product launch? Here are five truths you can learn to set your product up for success on launch day and beyond.