Sales Brief: Remote sales

Sales Brief: Remote sales

This week we launched The Remote Sales Team Playbook. We consider it to be the most comprehensive and actionable guide out there for building and managing a remote sales team.

We’ve been remote selling since 2014, and in a lot of ways, this is the culmination of everything we’ve learned along the way.

Fair warning — this playbook is big. It’s 100+ pages, so if you can’t read it all in one sitting, I recommend grabbing a digital pdf copy to digest over the holidays. You can download it free here if you haven't already.

In this special edition of Sales Brief, we’ll take a chapter-by-chapter look at the playbook’s contents. Whether you’re a founder, sales manager, or sales rep, we believe there’s something for everyone in this new resource.


How to build a remote sales team: 7-step process for success

Building a remote sales team presents its own unique challenges to sales managers and founders. What skills should a remote salesperson have? How do you screen for the right qualities and values? What should the hiring process look like?

In this chapter, you'll learn how to build a remote sales team in 6 easy steps, featuring advanced strategies for building a killer remote sales team, and a virtual sales team checklist.


Managing sales teams remotely: 6 ways to keep your reps closing

Building a remote sales team is challenging. Leading one is next level though. While remote may seem like a disadvantage because you have less immediate face time, a well-managed remote sales team can be just as productive as an in-office team — if not more!

In this chapter, we discuss how to properly setup your virtual sales operation, with pro tips on how to manage your sales reps remotely.


Expert remote sales coaching tips + sales games for remote teams

Remote sales coaching, training, and enablement can be challenging for managers. How do you keep their sales skills sharp when you’re not next to them? How do you keep the sales team unified and in sync when they're dispersed across a city, region, or even country?

In this chapter, we'll teach you how to coach and enable your remote sales team.


52 top remote sales tools for your team to absolutely crush it

One of the most important aspects of making remote sales work is the apps that power your workflow. And with so many apps out there — from all-in-one suites to highly specialized solutions — choosing the right one can be a daunting task to say the least.

In this chapter, we take a deep dive into 52 apps that'll empower remote sales teams. From this list, you’ll be able to decide on the right tools that make your team shine.


41 remote sales tips for reps and managers to get the job done

Remote sales teams can be just as successful and happy as in-office teams. In fact, when done correctly, remote sales teams can actually perform more productively than their in-office counterparts.

Here at Close, we’ve been running remote sales since 2014. More than that, we’ve helped thousands of teams around the world transition to remote sales successfully. In this chapter we share some of our best remote sales tips to help you exceed your sales goals.


25 remote sales resources to close deals and manage teams better

When you want to be an expert, you need to learn from the experts. If you want to become an expert remote sales manager, remote salesperson, or remote exec, you should take your cue from the people who have already been doing it for years.

In this chapter, we share a list of the absolute best resources available for remote sales workers, no matter what your role is.


Want access to the entire guide in all its glory? Grab a pdf copy + condensed version of the playbook free.