Sales Brief: Sales dreams

Sales Brief: Sales dreams

We could all use some rest after the first half of 2020. It's been a rough year for sales and business.

While it's hard to say if things will get better or worse in the coming months, there are steps you can take right now to improve the way you work and sell. Could step one be as simple as taking a nap? In this week's Sales Brief, we highlight a new article that makes the case for taking naps at work...and if the scientific data is correct, it might not be as crazy as you think!

Also new this week: our CEO, Steli Efti, published a massive guide on sales pipelines. It's a hell of a lot of material on the subject, and incredibly comprehensive and insightful. If you're looking to adopt a rock solid understanding on sales pipelines, this is a must read.

All of this and more is linked below, so without further ado, let's jump into the top sales articles of the week!

Want better sales numbers? Start napping at work

Sounds counterintuitive doesn't it? Take a nap at work to improve sales numbers? If only your sales manager was onboard. On a serious note though, with a growing body of research, it's becoming more and more apparent that napping can positively influence memory, mood, and overall performance.

In this article, you'll learn why you should nap at work, how your sales team can benefit from napping, and how to best nap for maximum work productivity. Ready for nap time yet?


Why sales leaders make sales call reluctance worse

Do you find yourself still searching for ways to overcome your phone fears and finally get over your call reluctance? Don’t worry — you’re not alone! Telephobia is far more common than you think. Some of the best salespeople on the planet still have moments of fear when they reach for the phone.

But those same salespeople became the best by learning how to overcome their fears. And it all starts with identifying the cause. This article dives into this fear, peels back the layers, and identifies key ways to overcome call reluctance.


The ultimate sales pipeline guide: How to build, manage, & measure

When you build a sales pipeline that works, you’ll have a smoother process for closing big deals, and reps that'll be working smarter to build your customer base.

In this 7 chapter guide written by Steli Efti, you'll learn everything there is to know about the sales pipeline — including how it works, strategies for building and implementing, what tools to use, plus a collection of templates to help get you started.


The one secret to getting customers to accept virtual selling

Sales professionals are worried about getting customers to accept virtual selling. What can you do if your clients simply prefer meeting face to face? Is there a way to change their mind?

In this article, Jeb Blount discusses his experience with virtual selling and shares the real secret to getting your customers to not only accept, but love virtual sales calls.


Side Note: If you're interested in virtual selling, earlier this year we released a free resource on mastering remote video sales calls. I highly recommend grabbing it!

The power of encouragement

Running a business is difficult. Every entrepreneur knows this. Difficult times are going to arise, and sometimes all we need is a bit of encouragement to get over the hardship.

In this latest Startup Chat podcast, Steli and Hiten talk about the concept of encouraging others, why it’s so powerful, and why some people are better at it than others.


Startup founders: How do you make plans in 2020?

While making effective plans for your startup has always been a challenge, it’s not a stretch to say 2020 has thrown everyone's plans out the window. We just can’t plan as far ahead as we normally could. Are 2020 plans simply useless now?

In this article, find out whether or not startup planning is worth anything in 2020, as well as 5 ways to make plans that work in 2020.


Want more customers? Pick up the phone! Cold calling is one of the most underrated customer acquisition channels, and we published a free book that teaches you how to do it right — even if you have zero sales experience.