Sales Brief: Sales quota perfection, mentor advice, sales persuasion, & more

Sales Brief: Sales quota perfection, mentor advice, sales persuasion, & more

It's the beginning of a whole new decade and you're probably already in hustle mode. You're preparing your roadmap for 2020. Industry event season has arrived. Things are ramping up quickly after a little December downtime.

If you're looking for some inspiration to fuel your drive for 2020, we've got you covered in this week's sales brief.

Firstround recently published an article featuring some powerful advice from top mentors from around the world. Steli Efti posted a video, sharing a method he uses to track milestones (if you feel like 2019 wasn't a big year for you, you'll definitely want to watch this video).

We've also pulled together some great resources on sales persuasion,  email optimization, and sales quotas. Lots to catch up on! Ready to get inspired and learn something new? Let's jump in.

How to get your sales team to meet their sales quota every single time

If your sales organization has been consistently failing to achieve sales quotas, you may need to re-evaluate your quota strategy.

Are your quotas realistic? Are you using the correct type of quota? How are you tracking your sales team's performance? In this article you'll find answers to all of these questions and more — along with a ton of resources, templates, and examples.


How to be a career-changing mentor: 25 tips from the best mentors we know


To be a great sales leader, you need to be a great mentor. Firstround has worked with thousands of participants within their mentorship program, and recently published some fantastic mentorship tips culled from this initiative.

It's split up into three sections: mentorship principles, introspective questions, and tactics. If you're looking for inspiration to kick off your 2020 sales efforts, look no further.


The art of sales persuasion


In a world overwhelmed by automation, where text-centric communication and bulk outreach is front and center, the phone still remains one of the most important and persuasive sales tools.

This article is unique in that it concentrates on pre-call preparation, with actionable steps you can take to formulate a game plan before you even hop on a call.


Should your inside sales team be attending industry events?

Industry event season is here. If you think conferences are too expensive or not worth the time and effort, you might want to reconsider. This article outlines the unique benefits a conference can provide your sales team...and spoiler, it's not the complimentary coffee setup in the convention hall!

If you're already planning on attending an industry event this year, make sure to give this one a read. It includes some solid advice on where to allocate your time and energy to make the most out of your conference visit.


Successful entrepreneur? Level up 2020 with my gratitude tracker

Most of us are already in high gear for 2020. New year, new goals. But there's something to be said about taking a moment and reflecting on your accomplishments.

Steli Efti discusses the importance of gratitude and teaches a simple system to visually reflect on your performance, coined "Gratitude Tracker". If you're an ambitious and goal-oriented person, give this video a watch and try implementing the system.


How to optimize email follow-ups for SaaS sales


To remain relevant in a 2020 market, sales and marketing must clearly understand how to optimize follow-up emails. If you’re a salesperson experiencing pressure for results, this article is rich with tips and tricks for developing an air-tight follow-up strategy.

If you're interested in follow-up emails, we also recommend this article with templates and examples for every scenario, along with this follow-up formula post, that'll teach you how to follow-up like a pro.


Bonus: Introducing Meeting Sync

This week we launched a brand new feature in Close CRM: Meeting Sync. With Meeting Sync, you can now sync and manage all of your Google Calendar meetings directly in Close.

Once a calendar is connected, any meetings you schedule will appear on the leads they’re booked with. Changes to the calendar event will update the synced meetings automatically. It’s intuitive and easy.


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