Sales Brief: Sales revival

Sales Brief: Sales revival

Want to make it big in sales?

Step 1: Manage your emotional and mental state.

Everything else is comparatively simple...but managing yourself is much harder than it sounds. Sales is a rollercoaster of emotions. It takes a special kind of determination to come along for that ride, day in and day out, year after year. I’d love to hear from you: How do you manage your emotions in sales? How do you keep yourself in “peak sales state”?

Let me know on LinkedIn (I’ll feature your responses in an upcoming post on the Close blog). Go get’em!

Why LinkedIn is a must-use content distribution channel for sales pros

For sales pros, LinkedIn is the place to be. The platform basically has 40–60 million potential buyers at your finger tips. But what really makes LinkedIn such a great content marketing channel for sales teams, and how can you get the best results from the time you’re investing?

In this article, you'll learn pro tips you can use to better connect with prospects through content marketing and content distribution, specifically on LinkedIn.

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Customer profile analysis: Methods and hacks to boost your sales process

Do you sometimes feel like you’re trying to sell lemonade to people who hate lemons? You can only improve your sales process if you know who you’re selling to. Enter: ideal customer profile.

By developing an ICP based on real data, you can then use a variety of methods to interpret that data into something actionable. In this article, we share how and where to gather customer data for your ICPs, 3 methods to interpret that data, how to optimize your sales process around that data, and more.


Funnel analysis examples and case studies in 5 industries

Understanding the customer journey is crucial to building products that meet your users’ needs. To get that insight, many product managers and marketers rely on funnel analysis to chart the different paths users take. However, conversion funnels are not a one-size-fits-all framework.

In this awesome piece from Amplitude, you'll learn how a funnel analysis looks in five sectors: B2B SaaS, consumer tech, ecommerce, financial services, and media—with sample funnels and business stories.


These 7 stats shed light on the future of sales

LinkedIn recently compiled and released a Global State of Sales report. It’s an immersive survey of salespeople and buyers that casts a light on sales trends, both prevalent and emerging.

This article features 7 particularly telling statistics from the report that shed light on the future of B2B sales.


6 Ways to revive your sales culture while you’re (still) remote

It's pretty clear that offices will remain remote through the end of 2020. Welcome to the new normal.

Whether your sales team’s transition to remote work was seamless or tough, or somewhere in between — you’ve likely gotten into a groove. Unfortunately, many sales orgs are struggling with a key challenge that directly impacts productivity and performance: sales culture.

Need some ideas on how to revive your sales culture? Read this one.


How Cloosiv increased their business by 1400% with Close

Cloosiv's lean sales team became paralyzed by process as their prospect pipeline and client list matured. Without automation, the sales process was a “jump in and do all the heavy-lifting by hand” free flow.

To improve their process, Cloosiv’s CEO, Tim Griffin, made moves. In this customer story, find out how Cloosiv, with organization, ingenuity, and the right tools at their disposal, increased their business by 1400%.