Sales Brief: Secret of tension

Sales Brief: Secret of tension

Here at Close, we use sales decks on a regular basis. We’ve definitely had run-ins with shitty decks in the past — and believe me, there are a TON of awful sales decks out there.

So this week, we launched our own collection of sales decks. We call it PITCH.

These decks are not only beautifully designed, but specifically built to accomplish one thing: close the deal. Whether you’re pitching a startup, gunning for an enterprise contract, or navigating a discovery call, these decks will help you craft a narrative around a problem, provide an irresistible solution, and help you win the deal.

Grab PITCH and tell me what you think! It features six unique decks plus some extra goodness like a fillable survey for organizing your pitch and a cheat sheet infographic. This resource is dope.

As always, you’ll find my top sales article picks for this week down below.

Keep with it!

5 common excuses a great salesperson would never make

Excuses suck. Nobody wants them. And here's the cold hard truth: If you’re not holding up your end of the bargain, nobody wants to hear you blaming something or someone else.

In this article we share five common excuses that you probably won't find a great salesperson utter. Do you find yourself making these excuses? Each and every one of them can be avoided, and all it takes is for you to do one thing: be proactive.


Habits to hold on to during a crisis to keep your shit together as a sales rep

When you’re facing a crisis, keeping your shit together isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Whether that crisis is happening in your personal life, internally at your company, or globally like we’re experiencing right now, the habits you’re able to maintain can make all the difference.

In this post, we explore five habits every sales rep should develop to keep their cool and stay focused on crushing each day.


Pitch: High performance sales deck template

Ready to take your pitch to the next level? This new resource features a collection of beautifully designed sales deck templates, plus detailed instructions on customizing them for your product or service.

Whatever the sales circumstance, you'll find a deck in this pack to tackle it head-on. PITCH includes six decks covering enterprise sales, discovery calls, investor pitches, and more. It's available for download now and it's free!


How to instill a sense of urgency in your business

In the startup world, the most successful CEOs tend to maintain a sense of urgency in their business. They react quickly to market changes. They're relentless with developing new products. They're laser focused and agile.

Having this sense of urgency is key to the success of their startup. In this episode of The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about what it means to have a sense of urgency, how to react in times of crisis, what makes a CEO good at maintaining intensity at all times.


Tension: The secret to engaging prospects and driving action

Nobody likes tension, right? If you’re a sales pro, you should. Tension is the seed of thought planted in your prospect’s brain that grows into the idea that their life would be better with your solution.

Being able to create that tension is what separates the ordinary salespeople from the very best. In this Sales Hacker article, you'll learn how to create tension and use it to build trust, engage your prospects, and drive action.


Why burnout should be a topic at your next board meeting, and what to do about it

According to The Economist, due to the transition to remote work, we have reduced meeting length by about 15% and increased our total time at work by 2 hours per day. Did we somehow just magically add 10 hours to the work week?

This productivity boost might seem universally positive, but there’s a catch: burnout. But how do you properly access burnout? What do you do about it? Tomasz Tunguz shares his thoughts on this topic.