Sales Brief: Virtual summit

Sales Brief: Virtual summit

One of the things I love about sales is that it’s a level playing field. If you consistently do what it takes to win, you’ll end up winning.

Our friends at Predictable Revenue pulled together some of the brightest minds in sales and invited them to share their best advice. And you can access it all free at Own Your Growth .

Even if you can’t make it to the live sessions next week, I definitely recommend getting in on this today so you’ll get the full recordings afterwards.

Go get’em,

PS: Don’t miss out! This is REALLY one worth making time for. Save your free seat now.

5 best B2B email finder tools + how to connect with executives

The first hurdle every sales rep needs to overcome is getting a prospects' attention. And for many sales professionals, email is still one of the best channels for the initial outreach.

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Own Your Growth: Virtual summit by Predictable Revenue

Mark your calendars June 3-4th for Own Your Growth! We've partnered up with Predictable Revenue to help you reconnect with yourself, get centered, and rebuild your revenue strategy.

Learn from top B2B sales and marketing experts such as Mark Roberge, Jon Miller, Aaron Ross, Justin Michael, and many more. There'll be a ton of networking opportunities to build meaningful relationships. And the best part? It's free to attend!


4 best CEO email finders + how to find executives with no info

Selling to executives is all about playing the long game. An important first step is making the initial connection, and to do this, you’ll need a valid email address of the CEO or executive.

CEO email finder tools can make finding executive email addresses faster and more reliable. In this article, we've compiled a complete list of the best CEO and executive email finder tools. To help you connect with top level executives and CEOs, we’ll cover how to find a CEO or executive email address, common features of a CEO email finder, the best CEO email finders to connect with the right person, and the best email guesser tools when all else fails.


Four effective strategies to increase your closing rates on the phone

Cold calling is not dead. In fact, it's very much alive and thriving. Over 80% of buyers generally accept meetings when contacted by a salesman. The author of this article committed himself to making at least 150 cold calls for an entire month.

Learn how he doubled his average daily calls, increased his closing ratio by a whole percent, and make some serious money in the process.


How midsize B2B sales teams can punch above their weight

As buyer preferences for digital, virtual, and in-person interaction evolve, sales organizations must adapt. Success requires combining the power of salespeople with digital assets that arm, supplement, and sometimes replace salespeople.

Although large companies have the advantage of scale, sales forces at midsize companies can compete by scaling digital and virtual sales capabilities, customizing selling to customer needs, adapting the sales organization as markets evolve, and using data and tools to support sales force decisions and processes.


Welcome, Gen A: The age of automation for sales and marketing is here

Imagine if, 30 years from now, business leaders are still scratching their heads about how to use artificial intelligence. It’s nearly impossible to believe that will be true. Yet a similar phenomenon has already happened with another technology: sales and marketing automation.