Sales Brief: Win/Loss

Sales Brief: Win/Loss

Working as a sales rep is a competitive field to be in.

Not only is there a little bit of friendly competition among your coworkers (which actually could be a good thing), but you're constantly competing with other companies for a prospect's attention, time, and money.

What does it take to be on top of your game and smash the competition? In this week's Sales Brief, we feature a brilliant article featuring 10 secret practices top sales performers are using — some of which you can incorporate into your sales practice right away.

In case you missed the news this week, we launched a brand new feature for Close users called Groups. We're super stoked to roll this out. The feature gives Close users the ability to search and track performance, based on specific user attributes like department, location, seniority, and much more.

Want to learn more? Details are highlighted below or you can read more about it here. If you aren't a Close user, but would like to take the app for a spin, we've got a 14-day trial with your name on it. No credit card or commitment required! :D

Last get into this week's Sales Brief. We've got lots to cover! 🔥🔥

5 Sales rep elevator pitches that work

During your everyday business operations, you might come across opportunities where a quick elevator pitch might help close a deal. This could happen on literal elevator rides or while waiting for your coffee at your favorite cafe. Post-Covid, this could be a casual LinkedIn interaction or virtual conference. Whatever the situation, you have only a short time to grab someone’s attention and leave a lasting impression. Are you prepared for this?

In this article, learn five elevator sales pitches that actually help break the ice and present your product, without pushing a hard sale and chasing a potential business ally away.


How to onboard new hires in a distributed world

Most businesses have been operating remotely for the past few months and many companies will stay remote for the foreseeable future. Hiring processes will need to evolve and adapt to this new remote environment. Some important logistical adjustments need to be made, but the ultimate goal remains the same: Help new hires transition easily and smoothly into their new role.

In this article, CloserIQ sits down with Kat Rumbles of Two Sigma Ventures to discuss how to help new hires get settled in their new work environment, using a digital framework.


10 secrets of top sales performers

You can have an amazing product, maybe even the best in the game...but your work ain't over. If you don't know how to sell that product or who to sell it to, it's going to remain on the shelves. Game over. Sales success takes so much more than simply having a killer product.

Becoming a top sales performer is the real recipe for sales success. But how do you become a top sales performer? Luckily it's not some innate or inherited skill — there are real steps and actions you can take to become one. In this article, learn 10 key things top sales performers are doing that is a must if you want to get to the top.


How to notice your own bias

As humans, it’s natural for us to have biases. In some ways it helps our survival. However, not all biases are helpful. And ignoring these unhelpful biases can be detrimental to us, especially when it comes to business decisions.

In this episode of Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about the importance of noticing your own biases, examples of how people can be biased, how people can be irrational during uncertainty, and much more.


How to conduct a win/loss analysis in B2B Sales

A win/loss analysis can reveal why and how a sales opportunity turned into a new customer (or not). It’s usually assumed that pricing is the most important factor in purchasing decisions, but it’s not always the case. Finding out what other aspects played a part in a win or loss can ultimately give an advantage over a competitors’ sales tactics.

Making the most out of this feedback, by creating a report, is crucial to improving future sales processes. But how exactly do you conduct a win/loss analysis report? The secret lies in the customer. ZoomInfo breaks down the process into five easy steps.


Optimize your team's sales process with Groups in Close

For all you Close users out there, this week we introduced a brand new CRM feature: Groups. Groups gives you a quick and easy way to filter sales performance by individual groups of team members. Although Close was designed for sales teams, you may have other departments with very different KPIs. Or you may want to drill down on performance based on other criteria, like location/region, product, or specific sales roles. With Groups, all this is now possible with a few clicks. Want to learn more? Read more about it in this launch article.