Sales Hacker Conference: Lead Gen Automation by IIya Lichtenstein

Close is at today’s Sales Hacker Conference in San Francisco and we’ll be taking notes and sharing the best talks of the conference with you. List of all talks.

IIya Lichtenstein

IIya Lichtenstein talks about how they have automated lead generation at Mixrank to generate predictable results.


  • NO SDR roles
  • NO prospecting by commission sales people
  • NO cold calling or cold emailing
  • Everything done by automation
  • 92% lower cost per qualified lead ( in their industry)
  • 400% higher conversion rate to schedule demo
  • Accomplished these goals without improve sales process
  • Made these improvements by identifying better leads


  • Identify companies
  • Identify the right decision maker
  • Get their information
  • Send automated email
  • Push them into the pipeline

How do you get the right companies/leads?


  • Relevance is key
  • Don’t follow the linear process (example: our product costs $x, so I only wanna sell to Fortune 500 companies, go to database, find all companies that hit those criteria, find individuals, email)
  • the results here are very unpredictable
  • results are hit or miss
  • the criteria are very broad hence the randomness in results

Follow a lateral approach

  • finding very smiler companies to the ones that find them organically
  • not just how big, but also
  • what products they sell,
  • what titles they have,
  • what keywords they search for,
  • what kind of marketing they do,
  • know their budgets are
  • and products and what
  • their sales process and
  • buying process looks like

who are their top competitors what are related companies what companies are close to this space what companies have similar size “marketing teams” here is a list of 5 companies that are really really similar to the companies we closed last week here another 5 has huge impact on scalability and predictability of process

  • First party data sources (inbound leads, their data)
  • Third party data sources (LinkedIn, Twitter, job sites, etc.)
  • Disqualify rapidly (if it’s not super similar to ideal customers)


  • Top down or bottom up?
  • start bottom up (these are our users, who is similar to our users in the companies we sell to)
  • similar pitch to very similar audience produces similar (predictable) results

Linkedin X-Ray Search LinkedIn Boolean Search Tweets (who are my customers retweeting/following) Graph Search


  • Business Information
  • Competitors and Lookalikes
  • Traffic sources / Marketing Sources (keywords they use, who else shows up)
  • Technologies and vendors they use
  • They started building internal database with all this data

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