16 scheduling tools for salespeople

16 scheduling tools for salespeople

Scheduling sales calls or meetings can be frustrating, unproductive, and costly. With the maxed-out schedules of contemporary workaholics, it’s difficult to find a common opening that fits for all parties involved. To put it bluntly, coordinating time can be a real pain.

Here are our favorite scheduling apps for sales people (in no particular order):

1. SavvyCal

That awkward dance of finding a time to meet can be cumbersome. And most scheduling tools put the burden on the recipient. SavvyCal believes using a scheduling tool should be just as easy for the recipient as it is for the sender.

One of SavvyCal’s coolest features is the ability to overlay both parties’ calendars into one view, making it SUPER simple to pinpoint a date and time that works for everyone. It’s one of those features that makes you think, “Why doesn’t Calendly have this?”

Another thing that really makes this app shine is their focus on personalization. You can do things like rank your availability by preference instead of showcasing all availability equally. You can limit and fine tune schedule frequency, making meeting overload a thing of the past. You can also send personalized links on the fly when making a great first impression is everything. SavvyCal’s approach to scheduling is smart, fresh, and savvy.

They also have a free Meeting Polls tool that makes group scheduling a breeze.

With the native Close CRM + SavvyCal integration you can automatically create and update your Close Contacts when a prospect books a meeting with your team.

Free basic version available? Yes
Free trial available? Yes (7 days)
Pricing: Plans start at $12/month

2. Calendly

A fully automated scheduling tool that’s easy to use and saves time both for you and your prospects.

Simply set your own availability preferences, share the link, and your prospects can choose an open slot that fits for them too. Calendly syncs to your calendar of choice, and you can set different time durations (e.g., 15mins, 30mins, 1hr) so clients will have options.

You’ll cut down on phonetag, giving yourself more time to convert opps. And customers will be impressed by the smooth design and charming experience.


Free basic version available? Yes
Free trial available? Yes (14 days)
Pricing: Starts at $10.00/month per person (teams of 5 or more get a group discount)

3. Clara Labs

Taking automation to the next level, Clara Labs is a virtual employee that’s trained by real-life EAs and generated by machine intelligence. Other perks of using Clara? Feeling like a total boss, according to one journalist's review.

To make an appointment, cc clara@yourdomain.com, just as you would with a flesh-and-blood assistant. The natural language interface makes it virtually (ha) impossible to tell that the sender is computer generated, and with human supervision, mistakes are minimal.

Man and machine come together in a seamless platform of scheduling perfection. They just recently (February 2017) released version 2.0 with improved accuracy, a visual dashboard and other improvements.


Free basic version available? For now
Free trial available? 2 weeks
Pricing: Starts at $99

4. x.ai

Another human imposter.

x.ai is a homosapien-masked, machine entity that goes by the name, Amy. She’s an AI persona that schedules meetings like any other personal assistant.

Again, simply cc Amy on an email and she takes the reigns, finding a best mutual time to meet based off your data. Both parties receive an invite, and boom: the meeting is set.

When annual meetings approach the thousands, Amy will save you a tremendous amount of time ... and money.

(Best part is, no one will know they’re corresponding with a machine.)


Free basic version available? For now
Free trial available? For now
Pricing: Free for all while in beta

5. Assistant.to

With zero forms to fill out and no sign-ups, Assistant.to is a free apendage for Chrome that resides in Gmail.

Users drop available dates and times from their Google Calendar into the body of an email, and upon receipt, your prospect chooses the most convenient slot.

You’ll book more meetings—faster—while eliminating the back-and-forth. And you won’t lose uncertain prospects to the frustration of involved communication.

Bonus: It also remembers your most common meeting places, so you can schedule in mere moments. Converting timezones? Don’t worry. Taken care of.


Pricing: Free for all Gmail users

6. Uber Conference

Conference calls for dummies/everyone.

With no PINs or downloads, UberConference gives you dedicated, individual numbers and URLs for every call.

At a specified date and time, all parties dial in to the UberConference number provided in a calendar invitation, et voila: screen sharing, doc sharing, presentations ... even see who’s talking and quickly view their social profiles.

Also, it can be used in conjunction with Assistant.to. When you enter an UberConference number into Assistant.to, recipients can choose available times to conference. The invite even includes the number to dial in so it converts time zones between you and your prospects!

Invites work with any calendar system, on any device.

Less stress. Smooth sailing.


Free basic version available? Yes
Free trial available? No
Pricing: Plans start at $10/month

7. Mixmax

Allegedly the “future of email,” especially for salespeople.

Send Google Calendar event invites within Gmail using Mixmax, an email and calendar productivity suite.

You can propose meeting times without the risk of double booking, set reminders to follow up on important threads, and use a send later feature that allows you to set a future time and date to ship online correspondence. Even attach files from Dropbox and Box, seamlessly.

They also offer email tracking to see precisely when your prospect opened the message. Multiple recipients? All. Trackable. You’ll know who opened the email and when. No guessing. And one email, instead of ten.

Quickly draft templates for a fire-and-go approach that saves you time, and all the rest.


Free basic version available? Yes
Free trial available? No
Pricing: Plans start at $9/month

8. Need To Meet

If you feel the pain of scheduling for groups of people, then NeedToMeet is where it’s at.

With a custom link or NeedToMeet invite, poll your group to help find mutually convenient meeting times by creating event pages with multiple dates and discussing details for whatever it is that you’re scheduling.

No more incessant emailing with several people. No more rechecking your agenda. Just a plain calendar with easy selections. And participants can even see which people chose which opening, so those with more availability can adapt to those with less.

It’s collaboration made easy.


Pricing: Free

9. Schedule Once

This is a most comprehensive and complete solution for the entire customer lifecycle, with a two-way system that eliminates the to-and-fro of confirming a time to meet.

They boast a 3x increase in conversion rates, and a 2x acceleration in time-to-engagement.

First, create a booking page with availability preferences to schedule demos, consultations, or follow-ups and link it to your prospect. They can then book on your page—from any device—and the meeting is swiftly added to everyone’s calendar.

With ScheduleOnce, you’ll only have to schedule a meeting, well ... once. And they have a laundry list of additional features (time-zone conversion, group sessions, reports and many more) that make this tool attractive.


Free basic version available? No
Free trial available? Yes (14 days)
Pricing: Plans start at $5/user/month (1 booking page per user per month and requires purchase of sms credits and a connector)

10. Acuity

Automate prospect meetings, cancellations, reminders, even payments with Acuity.

Clients can see real-time calendar availability and self select a time that works best for you both. On your end, set multiple calendars and time-blocks for different appointments, or blackout certain dates altogether.

It integrates well with Google, Outlook, iCal and Office365, and has an embed option for those of you with your own website. Get notified when a new appointment is booked. Then, from your phone, tell Acuity to update your calendars.

It’s as simple as that.


Free basic version available? Yes
Free trial available? Yes (14 days)
Pricing: Plans start at $10/month

11. Genee

If one of your three wishes is to streamline appointment scheduling, then consider it granted.

Genee is a mobile and web scheduling app that works across Google, Outlook, and iCloud via email, text, and twitter.

All you need do is cc the Genee email (including event time and location—can be general or specific) and it messages all attendees with suggestions based on preference and availability.

A personal assistant ... without having (or paying for) a personal assistant.


Pricing: Free

12. Pick

This app is rightly titled, as it helps you select meeting times and dates that work best for all attendees by comparing availabilities, regardless of email domain.

Pick identifies the best mutual time, then schedules a meeting using email. And it also provides you with a special URL so you can share it with last-minute participants (a prospect’s spouse, business partner, whatever).

The best part is the mobile scheduling aspect, which makes it easy to set meetings on the go; so even if you’re on the treadmill you can create an opportunity, mid-stride, no sweat.


Pricing: free for Google and Office 365 users

13. World Clock

Dealing with clients—and team members—across different countries and timezones can make scheduling rather difficult. Even simply converting times online can be cumbersome.

That’s where World Clock Meeting Planner comes in.

Quickly compare times across multiple cities to find a meeting that fits for everyone involved, without having to Google each city to determine the time zone.

You’ll spend less time scheduling the meetings, and more time having them.


Pricing: Free for all

14. Doodle

Since this app cooperates with many calendars, it eliminates the need to switch between them to check availability.

You can propose dates directly from the Doodle calendar, polling participants for the best mutual time to connect. It also automatically syncs appointments to your preferred calendar to help reduce conflicting bookings.

Super convenient when you’re scheduling calls with multiple parties.


Free basic version available? Yes
Free trial available? Yes (30 days)
Pricing: Plans start at $39/year

15. 10to18

10to8 scheduling software can speed up the sales process by making sure that prospects turn up to their appointments.

After you set up your availability you can choose to display it on a public booking page, or you can direct your prospects to specific types of calls via private links. Your clients will receive reminders about their appointments, which you can track and see if they were opened. This will make the booking process seamless for your leads and reduce no-shows.

10to8, of course, syncs with your external calendars, but what’s more, it has a native integration with Zoom, which can make 10to8 even more convenient if you take calls via Zoom.

Free basic version available? Yes
Free trial available? Yes (30 days)
Pricing: Starts at $12.00/month (2 staff logins + 100 appointments) and bespoke plans are available for larger teams with bespoke needs

16. Appointlet

Appointlet is a business-first online scheduling tool designed for employees at small and midsize teams. The app helps you define your meeting availability and share it with others. Software like this makes it easier for people to choose a time that works for both parties. Plus you can easily set up reminders and keep the details in front of them as the meeting approaches.

As new bookings come in, sort and filter through the list to access any information you need. You can even use the dashboard to join a virtual conference or cancel/reschedule a meeting.

Appointlet scheduling dashboard

If you work at a company with a not-so-great scheduling workflow, then Appointlet's free plan is a great place to start. They offer one of the most generous feature sets in the industry, including unlimited meetings, meeting types, and team members.

As you get comfortable with the app, there's a simple interface to invite coworkers to join you and set up their own scheduling pages under one account. Later down the road, if the company wants to scale up use on the platform, transferring ownership to an administrator takes only a few clicks. Appointlet's customer support is rated highly and can help you with that too.

Don't let back-and-forth emails keep you or your team from hitting your goals. Be sure to check out this app if you're trying to save time on scheduling.

Free basic version available? Yes (comes with a great feature set too!)
Free trial available? No
Pricing: Starts at $8.00/month

Automation versus self-scheduling

So. After dropping this lengthy list, let’s discuss the merits of actually using these apps versus self-scheduling, which, apparently, some people still prefer.

Sure, clients may appreciate an email with the personal touch, tailored specifically to them with references to something said during your conversation. But is it worth the time?

For most cases in today’s business, it’s definitely not. From response rate to final conversions, automated scheduling tools provide a substantial advantage against the manual maneuver. And there’s plenty of data to prove it.

Professionalism, at little to no cost

Plus there’s the added veil of professionalism draped over these communications (think the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz). Receiving correspondence from a personal assistant projects a certain level of success; surely things are working out if you can afford to hire someone to coordinate your meetings, your time.

Virgin founder Richard Branson will be the first to back this up. When he was a still just a penniless teenager in high school trying to start a student magazine, he stumbled upon a way to have a PA, free of charge.

A young Richard Branson once he upgraded from public phone booth to having a real landline

(A young Richard Branson at a later stage in his career where he could afford the expense of a dedicated phone line)

When using the school’s phone booth to obtain advertisers, he would call the operator and claim his call had been cut short. The operator would then connect him to his recipient, introducing him as Mr. Branson. The result? Instantly elevated credibility, even for a schoolboy—he landed interviews with even the biggest names in rock’n’roll, like Mick Jagger and John Lennon.

Essentially, this is what these AI apps do. So if you can’t afford to have your own personal assistant at this point in your career, you surely (and easily) can use any one of these programs to do the work in their stead.

It looks/acts/feels sophisticated, and since on average it takes humans around seven emails to set up a meeting, AI will save you time and make you more money.

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