Using Zoom for sales: How to sell via teleconference

Using Zoom for sales: How to sell via teleconference

Your alarm doesn’t go off. You wake up 15 minutes before the start of your first, morning meeting! You hustle to grab your coffee, button up your shirt, secure your sweatpants, and log on to Zoom.

The year is 2021, we have been trapped inside and told to remain six feet away from one another. COVID-19 has caused cancellations of conferences, concerts, and halted in-person meetings of all kinds.

Due to the new socially distanced circumstances, essentially all meetings have moved online and are occurring through video conference services like Zoom. While in-person meetings will make a comeback, a lot of us have come to value the ease and accessibility of video-based meetings.

In March 2020, Zoom boasted 200 million daily meeting participants which increased to 300 million by April 2020. Most of the adoption occurred out of necessity, however, we have seen many companies commit to shifting from office life to home life and will undoubtedly rely on Zoom for years to come.

Many in-person sales tactics work on Zoom, but I am going to let you in on my top six tricks to help you sell better with Zoom:

1. Present with visuals through screen sharing

One of the main benefits of video calls over phone calls is the ability to recreate the personal feel of face-to-face meetings and presentations.

Screen sharing opens the doors for product demonstrations and services offering walkthroughs which can seamlessly occur following the end of a presentation.

Live sales deck presentations will help potential buyers feel connected to your company and understand your product or service in greater detail while allowing you to keep bullet points on slides that highlight your key points.

Don’t keep participants stuck in the 2x2 square view and stop the screen share after you’re done with your presentation.

2. Set a clear agenda

As in any good presentation, you should always start by setting a clear agenda and Zoom-based meetings are not excused from this practice.

By setting a clear agenda, your prospect knows what to expect from the presentation and is able to follow along as they are prepared for what’s to come.

3. Emphasize open-ended questions

Sales Representative: “Are you looking for a high-performance CRM?”

Prospect: “Yes”

By asking that closed question you will have gained no additional information and aren’t able to tailor your presentations to focus on highlighting the pain points your prospect is looking to solve.

Sales Representative: “What features are you look for in a CRM?”

Prospect: “I’m glad you asked; list of features they find most appealing.

Asking open-ended sales questions allows your prospect to expand on pain points, features they are looking for, and additional points that you can leverage in personalizing your sales pitch.

Asking questions is one of the most important skills to master in sales.

4. Use a CRM that automatically saves recordings

One of my favorite features of Zoom is the ability to record calls.

Call recordings can be shared with your team, rewatched to ensure you understand the details of discussions, and these calls can be utilized in training efforts.

Using a CRM that offers Zoom integration takes the busy work out of circulating, storing, and organizing all the meetings you have with a prospect. Using this system gives all sales reps access to clients’ data and a holistic view of their information, plus access to past meetings to review conversations and avoid repetitive questions.

5. Ensure you refer to on-call participants by name

Don’t fall victim to The Brady Brunch blunder, which leaves call participants looking around the grid full of uncertainty around who is supposed to respond to a question or comment.

Instead, direct conversations by referring to call participants by name.

On Zoom calls, it is challenging to rely on eye contact alone to direct your line of questioning and indicate who you are speaking to. Utilizing names keeps prospects engaged and ensures clear communication especially on a conference call.

6. Keep your space and self presentable

Following all the Zoom meeting memes that flooded the web, it should come as no surprise that the last tactic is to ensure you are looking presentable and have a professional setup for your background - if you don’t choose to utilize a Zoom background.

Just because we are working from home and don’t need to wear dress pants anymore doesn’t mean you should advertise this to your prospects. As you would be professional and presentable in an in-person meeting you should translate that on to Zoom meetings.

Level up your Zoom meetings by integrating directly with your CRM

Applying these six tactics to your Zoom meetings will help you close more deals and impress your prospects. As we remain in this tech-based and distanced world we can remain closer than ever by using video conferencing.

Make the most out of Zoom meetings and exploit the benefits of a CRM that offers Zoom integrations like Close. The Zoom integration available through Close enables you to maximize the benefits of Zoom calls while supporting remote sales teams as it keeps all prospect information organized inside their file, which is accessible by all team members.

Don’t be caught unprepared, unpolished, and unsure of a prospect’s needs.

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