Leverage the Power of AI with the New Close CRM ChatGPT Plugin

Leverage the Power of AI with the New Close CRM ChatGPT Plugin

Use the new Close ChatGPT plugin to save time building contact lists, summarize your relationship with leads, and generate contextual email drafts. The beta version of our plugin is available now in the ChatGPT Plugin store for all Close customers. Here’s how to install it and get the most out of this powerful new AI functionality.

Earlier this year, we were sitting around the table (it was a big table) at our annual team retreat, reflecting on why we’re still building Close—and someone asked a very important question… what do our customers want more than anything else? Time.

Some days it’d be pretty nice to have a time machine, right? More time to send emails, make cold calls, or watch Arrested Development reruns. You do you.

While we don’t have a time machine (yet), we do have a brand new tool to add to your sales arsenal that can give you back time and level up your sales game in one fell swoop. We’re super excited to announce that Close is now the first CRM to offer a ChatGPT plugin.

You can now connect ChatGPT and Close—which means using the power of AI to write emails, provide valuable prospect insights, and analyze data with access to all the information within Close. That includes emails, notes, meetings, custom activities, call notes, tasks, and more. It’s like having your very own sales assistant with a PhD in data analysis. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about trying AI in your sales process, we’re here to show you how these tools are already changing the possibilities in selling, forever.

Our plugin is now available in beta in the ChatGPT plugin store and accessible for all Close customers with a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Now, I’ll show you how to get it set up and exactly what you can do with it ⬇️

How to Get the New Close ChatGPT Plugin

Ready to roll out the red carpet and welcome AI into your sales process? Getting access to the Close ChatGPT plugin is as simple as heading to the Plugin store within ChatGPT, searching for Close, authenticating your account, and you’re ready to go.

Start by logging into your ChatGPT account and navigating to Settings & Beta, like so:

How to Get the New Close ChatGPT Plugin - Start by Logging in Your ChatGPT account

Once you’ve navigated to your Settings panel, jump down to the “Beta features” section and turn on both the Plugins and Advanced data analysis features, as they’ll be required to install the Close plugin and start working with all that beautiful sales data from your CRM.

How to Get the New Close ChatGPT Plugin - Instal Close Plugin

Next, under “My plan” be sure you’re subscribed to ChatGPT Plus ($20/mo). You’ll need that in order to unlock their more advanced ChatGPT 4.0 model and beta features like Plugins.

How to Get the New Close ChatGPT Plugin - Make Sure You Are Subscribed to ChatGPT Plus

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s install the Close ChatGPT plugin by navigating over to the GPT-4 tab and heading over to the Plugin store.

How to Get the New Close ChatGPT Plugin - Go To Plugin Store

Once you’re there, type “Close” into the search bar and you’ll see our plugin right there, front and center. Click install.

How to Get the New Close ChatGPT Plugin - Type Close in Plugin Store

Finally, you’ll be taken over to your Close account to authenticate your login and allow the connection between ChatGPT and Close to complete. Be sure to select the right organization you want to work with inside ChatGPT.

And now my friend, the fun begins.

4 Clever Ways to Use the Close CRM ChatGPT Plugin Today

By connecting your CRM to ChatGPT, you can leverage the power of AI to help navigate your relationships with prospects & customers faster (and with more insight) than ever before.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite ways to use Close and ChatGPT, but keep in mind that the real magic happens when you get creative and play around with the capabilities, because the possibilities are truly endless.

1. Build a Filtered List of Leads and Contacts

One of the most fun ways to leverage the new Close ChatGPT plugin is by building a filtered list of leads and contacts. With the plugin enabled, you can ask ChatGPT to search through the CRM, then filter it down to a very specific list of folks that you want to interact with.

For example, I asked ChatGPT to “show me 5 leads with active opportunities worth greater than $10,000/year” and within seconds, it gives me a shortlist of these opportunities with key insights and Close links I can click into for further investigation.

Clever Ways to Use the Close CRM ChatGPT Plugin Today - Build a Filtered List of Leads

This is a super easy way to prioritize how you spend your time working through leads—you can instantly get a filtered list of only your highest value prospects, packed with detailed info and clickable links to dive right into Close and take action now.

2. Summarization

This use-case is my personal favorite. Let’s say I want to learn a bit more about one of these leads worth over $10,000/year in value to my business, before I reach out to them.

You can ask ChatGPT to review the contents of any Lead in Close and generate a summary of what’s going on. In just a matter of seconds, it’ll read through all the lead and activity history, then provide you with a short summary to review. This is particularly useful in B2B sales when your sales cycle can take weeks, months (or even years) to close.

Here, I used the prompt “based on ————’s recent activities data, tell me if this lead has a high potential of being closed” and I got back some very useful lead insights in the form of this summary:

Clever Ways to Use the Close CRM ChatGPT Plugin Today - Summarization

You can ask super detailed questions and get back some very helpful insights. Try out prompts like “is this lead qualified?” or “is this customer at risk of churning?” and if you’re planning a sales meeting, you can even ask ChatGPT to put together an agenda for the call.

For example, I want to prepare for my next meeting when I plan to close this lead, so I asked ChatGPT “identify ————'s most likely sales objections and put together a meeting agenda to overcome those objections” and got these sales objections summarized:

Clever Ways to Use the Close CRM ChatGPT Plugin Today - Use It To Summarize Sales Objectives

After highlighting each potential hurdle and providing clear suggestions on how to overcome those sales objections, I got a proposed meeting agenda for me to follow in order to walk this prospect through to closing the sale—based on their most likely objections 🤯

Clever Ways to Use the Close CRM ChatGPT Plugin Today - Use It To Create a Meeting Agenda

Now, here’s where working with AI in sales requires your discernment. Will I need to spend 15 full minutes discussing potential partnership opportunities in a meeting at this stage of the deal? Probably not. Those discussions will naturally dive much deeper once this lead becomes a customer. For now, I’ll just need to show them what’s possible as far as partnerships.

Remember to always gut-check ChatGPT outputs and use your own best judgment based on a combination of AI insights and what your intuition is telling you about how to proceed with a lead.

3. Write Better Emails

How much time do you spend writing emails… or better yet, rewriting emails? ChatGPT can make that process a heck of a lot easier using contextual data about your leads and customers.

Instead of using tools like our ChatGPT-powered cold email generator on its own, you can now leverage your Close connected ChatGPT assistant to do things like, “write a brief, actionable and confident email with a short, catchy subject line to ————— that mentions an objection from our last sales call and propose three meeting times this week to discuss next steps.

Clever Ways to Use the Close CRM ChatGPT Plugin Today - Use It To Write Better Emails

Not bad, right? I’ll still want to make some tweaks here and there and tune up that subject line a bit with our free email subject line generator, but this is a great starting point.

As you get more comfortable using ChatGPT, you’ll notice that the more detailed instructions you add into your prompts, the stronger your outputs will be. Want an email written so it sounds like you? Just ask 😉

You’ll always want to proofread and edit your AI-generated emails before hitting send, but by pulling from a deep well of data on a particular lead, you can send a much more personalized message—in seconds.

4. Advanced Data Analysis

Love swimming in the deep end of the data pool? Grab your floaties, because you’re in luck. You can also use the Advanced Data Analysis feature inside ChatGPT to analyze your Close data. Just keep in mind this feature is currently separate from plugins, so first you’ll have to export the Close data that you want to work with.

To get started, select the Advanced Data Analysis option from your GPT-4 top menu and upload a file using the plus icon on the left-hand side of the chat bar.

Clever Ways to Use the Close CRM ChatGPT Plugin Today - Use It For Advanced Data Analysis

We recommend downloading Close CSV reports and uploading them as files into ChatGPT. You can run a few data analyses on these files to get pretty interesting insights and data visualization.

Sadly, this isn’t the most convenient workflow, but it's the only way to use Advanced Data Analysis today. Advanced Data Analysis is currently in beta, so we’re keeping an eye on if it’ll be possible to improve this flow in the future (i.e. perhaps our Close plugin could automatically download CSV reports and upload them to the Advanced Data Analysis tool for you).

Here are just a few examples of the Close reports and prompts you can work with in ChatGPT:

Report name Prompts
Activity Overview
  • run Temporal Analysis, visualize data
  • run Productivity Analysis, visualize data
  • run Call/Email/Meeting/SMS Analysis, visualize data
  • run Call Duration Analysis, visualize data
  • run Inbound vs. Outbound Calls analysis, visualize data
  • run Call Outcome Analysis, visualize data
Activity Comparison
  • run Correlation analysis, visualize data
  • run user comparison analysis, visualize data
Status Change Report
  • run Status Flow Analysis, visualize data
  • run Conversion Rate Analysis, visualize data
  • run Churn Analysis, visualize data

Note: As you might expect, your output will depend heavily upon the quality of your reporting data.

A Note About ChatGPT, OpenAI, and Data Privacy

It’s important to understand that this plugin grants ChatGPT and OpenAI access to your Close CRM data. If you're concerned about how OpenAI may use your data, we recommend two options:

  1. Disable “Chat history & training” in your ChatGPT Data control settings menu. This will opt you out of OpenAI using your chat history to improve their models. More info on that here.
  2. Withhold from using the plugin until you have more clarity and confidence on how OpenAI/ChatGPT uses your data.

ChatGPT + Close: Building the Future of Sales Productivity

This is just the beginning of what’s possible with the power of AI to enhance your sales process. We plan to add more capabilities to the plugin in the weeks and months ahead, and we’re excited to see how you leverage these new tools. Please chime in and let us know!

If you’re new to Close, come watch a quick 10 minute demo to see how the right CRM can supercharge your selling capabilities overnight. If you like what you see, try us free for 14 days. And oooh yeah, you can use the Close ChatGPT plugin during your 14-day free trial too 🤘